About us


Who We Are

Established in February 2021, Pranala Travel and Leisure is an integrated tourism service company connecting discerning travelers with the best Indonesia has to offer. Specializing in trips for middle up private and corporate groups, Pranala Tour and Leisure crafts exclusive, bespoke, and authentic trips to suit each clients needs and interests.

Born during the pandemic era, Pranala Travel and Leisure put great emphasis on health and safety measures, exploring destinations off-the-beaten-tracks, and gaining exclusive access to highly sought destinations to maintain customer safety and privacy.

Pranala Travel & Leisure has an affiliation with Trans Jaya Bus Pariwisata, a reputable and innovative transport provider, giving it an edge and flexibility in creating land tour packages with memorable journey and experiences. Nevertheless, Pranala Travel & Leisure also excels in tours utilising other modes of transport to enable our customers conveniently explore all corners of Indonesia.

Commitment to You

Our Bold Vision

To be a channel of blessing by creating experiences which enrich lives and develop people.

Purpose in Action

The Dedication Mission

  1. To create stimulating, energizing, and refreshing experiences for our customers
  2. To optimize profit for our shareholders, build prosperity for all team members, and provide growth opportunities for both
  3. To elevate the image, quality and experiences of Indonesian tourism

What We Stand For

Our Core Values


Each experience is especially crafted to suit your needs and interests


Exposing you to real local experiences


Your trip is designed to cater only for those closest to your hearts

Why Us

As we embark on our mission to elevate the image and experience of Indonesian tourism, we are eager to invite you to join our quest!

We listen to you

We are not here to sell you tour packages, impose a preconceived itinerary or make you go on the beaten path. We are here to listen to you and your holiday dreams, to understand and embrace them, to soak them in and make them ours. We will in turn strive to make those dreams a reality through our tailor-made program, created and curated especially for you.

We’ll save you time, stress, and energy

While some say preparing for a trip can be more exciting than the trip itself, it can also be stressful and time consuming. Many travelers lead busy lives and would rather focus their time and energy on enjoying the trip itself. We are prepared to do the hard work arranging your trip, taking great care to ensure everything is properly and meticulously organized.

We are here to inspire

When you are not sure where to go or what to do, we will inspire you. Armed with our deep knowledge and experiences as well as our passion for travel, we are sure to find the inspiration that will ignite the spark.

We’ve been there, we’ve done that

We love travel, and we take it very seriously! We do not only rely on social media to find scenic spot or pretty places – our team travel extensively across the country to experience first hand many beautiful parts of Indonesia. We do this so we can confidently present them in the best way to you and navigate through any obstacles beforehand.

We are experience curator and creator

While we are always on the lookout for the best experiences to present to you, we are also creating our own signature experiences to enrich your trip. With the network of affiliated choicest specialty transport, hospitality, and culinary providers, our signature experiences are designed to indulge your senses and make a memorable trip

We are Indonesian specialists with international experience

We believe in the potential of this country -its astonishing beauty and wealth waiting to be explored- and we focus our attention to be an expert on its tourism scene. Yet our team consists of seasoned international travel experts to make sure our journeys meet international standart.


Expert Travel Agents at Your Service!

Leave the planning to us and let us take care of everything for you

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